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What is the Right Color for CBD Oil?​


A frequently asked question is, what is the right color for CBD oil and why are different brands of CBD oil different in color? The color of CBD oil does vary, however, the color does not provide the entire story but it can explain a little about the product.

The color of CBD oil can be impacted by carrier oils, extraction process, additional ingredients and type of product.

CBD Oil Color Affected by Type of Product

A nearly powdery, white substance would be found in a raw, pure form of crystalline CBD isolate. It will dissolve and convey very little color ( or no color at all) when it’s added into a carrier oil.

Full spectrum CBD on the contrary is usually brown or a dark green. To define full spectrum CBD, it contains the entire natural occurring terpenes, cannabinoids and other raw plant materials.

This results in CBD oil full spectrum to range in color from dark to golden brown. The end CBD oil product will be darker or more golden, the more concentrated the extract.

A broad spectrum or isolate CBD oil will be colorless and clear. CBD isolate provides only pure CBD, therefore it is clear in color. CBD broad spectrum products undergo a certain processing to get rid of THC, so they will usually not have the darker color of CBD full spectrum.

Carrier Oils

CBD extract is diluted into carrier oil which is how most CBD oils are made. The color of CBD oil can be affected by the carrier oil. Carrier oils are an essential ingredient of CBD oil drops in order to make them consumed easier.

The finished CBD product will absolutely be impacted in color by the color and type of the carrier oil that is used.

CBD Oil Color Affected by Extraction Methods

Companies that manufacture CBD products typically use two different extraction methods; CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction.

CO2 does not extract certain things such as chlorophyll while ethanol does. When chlorophyll is extracted it tends to pass on a tint of green to the finished product. When CBD oil drops have this tint of green and are not in naturally green carrier oils, indicates there is chlorophyll present.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil color has a range of color from a little golden, to darker brown, to just about black. The finished CBD product’s color depends on different factors which include the carrier oil, method of extraction used and type of CBD extract.

The color of CBD oil can even differ from bunch to bunch within similar brands. However, if you notice a major change, it is recommended that you reach out to the company directly to see what or if anything has changed. Another recommendation is to always read the third party lab report and CBD product label to have better insight to the product.


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