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What Makes a Good CBD Product vs. a Cheap CBD Product?

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The industry for the amazing CBD oil supplement is growing which means there will be shady scammers trying to take advantage of consumers. What makes a good CBD product vs. a cheap product and how can you tell if it is the real deal or just snake oil?

It can be difficult for consumers to figure out which brands of CBD are trustworthy. Because CBD oils have become so popular, merchants and new brands are popping up all the time making claims to offer the highest quality supplement. Unfortunately, there are limited regulations if any to regulate and monitor those claims.

The information below can help you identify higher quality CBD from the low quality equivalent when purchasing CBD oil online.


Identifying Higher Quality CBD Oil

CBD or cannabidoil is an extract derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is present in marijuana; however CBD oil is typically removed from agricultural hemp.

These types of cannabis have less THC which is the chemical that makes users feel high as it produces psychoactivity. Using CBD oil provides numerous health benefits that medical marijuana does but without that “high” feeling. This makes it less controversial and more versatile for both the user and the community.

What’s important is, quality matters. Lower grade CBD oil may not provide the same levels of benefits that higher quality CBD oil would for a variety of reasons and could even do more harm than good.


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Five Ways to Recognize High Quality CBD Oil


1. The Manufacturing of CBD

Because the CBD oil industry is so new, there are not many regulations controlling the manufacturing method. Different brands have different methods of extraction to process CBD oil from hemp.

The companies that sell it at low prices are most likely using cheaper methods to extract CBD oil. The solvents used can contain harmful toxins. A 2017 study showed that close to 70% of CBD products sold online were mislabeled.

Another way some companies extract is the use of organic ethanol. This grain alcohol is used to get rid of residue and toxins from the hemp plant that are not needed. This method is considered to be the safest for human consumption.

We suggest that you research any vendor’s manufacturer methods. You can find this information on their site or by speaking to customer service. It is highly recommended to purchase CBD oil that is processed through supercritical CO2 and/or ethanol extraction.


2. The Foundation of CBD

What Makes a Good CBD Product vs. a Cheap CBD Product? Using the highest quality materials is a great way to ensure the highest quality product, especially for CBD oil. The hemp plant can easily absorb all that is found in the ground that was farmed or cultivated. The plant will be of high quality if the soil is rich.

It is unfortunate that some manufactures choose low quality hemp for the processing of CBD oil. Their only concerns are the profit and disregard the after math of their product.

We recommend finding out where the CBD brand derives their hemp from. You are better off finding hemp grown in the US as the farmers there are required to be certified by state departments of agriculture. This information is typically found on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s websites.


3. Amounts of THC Found

Hemp is used when generating CBD oil as opposed to using marijuana because of the lower levels of THC, which makes it ideal for processing CBD oil.

When not properly processed, the original amount of THC, although they are low, can still have levels of psychoactive effects.

The best possible levels of THC found in CBD oils should not be greater than 0.3 percent. Checking the labels or asking for results from the lab for the CBD oils prior to buying them is a good practice.


4. Full Spectrum or Whole Plant Label

CBD oil that is contrived using the whole plant is a better quality. What is becoming quite popular is the CBD isolate, which is a less expensive material than using the whole plant. When the whole plant is used as opposed to just one part, that makes certain the oil includes not only CBD but the complete array of primary and secondary but is components as well.

We recommend checking labels on the product to see if the manufacturer uses the whole plant for their products. You can also find this information from their website. It can be referred to as “whole plant” or “full spectrum”.

What Makes a Good CBD Product vs. a Cheap CBD Product?


5. Closing View On Selecting CBD

We are happy to say CBD oil is growing each day and it is definitely here to stay.

The enforcement and regulations are most likely going to increase as time goes on. This will especially happen when hemp becomes fully legalized. In the meantime consumers need to be careful about what brands of CBD to trust.

We understand that purchasing CBD oil can be a little intimidating in the beginning, but with some understand and knowledge you will feel more confident in your purchase.


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