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What Should We Believe About CBD Oil?

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So, what should you believe about CBD Oil? It’s been described as a miracle cure with the possibility to cure all diseases and bring the entire world peace and even possible lead to the ruin of the human race. These are truly blown out of proportion.

So, what’s the real story about CBD? Is it snake oil or a wonder drug? Is it illegal or illegal? Can you give it to your pet?


Does CBD get you high?

Using some logic and common sense will tell you if CBD gets you high, there is no way it would be sold online from thousands of different companies. The federal government would simply not allow it.

There are some CBD products that contain no THC, which is what would get you high and others that contain THC as low 0.03%. CBD is more of a healthy supplement rather than an illegal drug.

When people hear the word cannabis, they immediately think of only marijuana. But marijuana is just a part of family of cannabis species which also includes hemp. They’re like cousins. Although they both come from the same family, they are two different plants. They do not even look similar.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can get CBD oil that is derived from the marijuana plant. However, most products that are sold online or in certain stores are derived from the hemp plant containing no THC and are subjected to different restrictions.


Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD has no THC, therefore if you need it to manage pain, anxiety or stress you don’t have to worry about sending out those job application and passing a drug test if required to do so.

Although the risk is small, there is really no 100% guarantee you will pass. Hemp does not have THC in amounts that marijuana does, but there can be trace amounts that could possible show up.


Is CBD Addictive?

A strange myth regarding CBD oil is that it can be addictive. Once you begin using it your hooked for life. It’s strange because most products do not even come from the marijuana plant, and with that being said, marijuana isn’t even addictive itself, certainly not in the same way as alcohol or other drugs such as heroin.


Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Just because something is natural, doesn’t necessarily mean it has no side effects. It can have side effects and you won’t find them on any label or insert. It can also interfere with some medications. Some side effects can be drowsiness, anxiety (which is strange), dizziness, changes in appetite and mood swings.


CBD as a Pain Reliever

It is mostly known to relieve pain. However, it has many other health benefits as well. The long list of therapeutic benefits has actually been proven. That’s correct, proven by science.

It is approved by the FDA for treating some seizure disorders. CBD oil can also help with mood disorders, anxiety, acne and sleeplessness. At some point it’s possible it could help with IBS, Crohn’s and degenerative issues such as Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s.


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