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The revolution is upon us…

Where once the healing arts were delegated to the for-profit pharmaceutical industries, now we can seek healing on our own terms. For years, medications and remedies have been prescribed not in a manner designed to help the patient, but to place profit in the coffers of the companies that sell them. No longer, as the CBD revolution has set us all free. This is particularly true amongst veterans, whose traditional choices for healing were found in the prescription pads of caustic mood stabilizers, enhancements and pain-managing opioids.


Why is CBD Used by Over 100,000 Veterans in the US?


Often in the past, the management of health and mental wellbeing was left in the hands of harmful drugs that may hide the symptoms, but did little to end the diseases of depression, PTSD and sustained injuries. Veterans would find themselves locked in a cycle of prescribed medications that did nothing to cure the root causes of their affliction. With cannabidiol products, veterans have the ability to take control of their own healing and make progress in forging a healthier lifestyle after trauma.

Harvard Heath, Cannabidiol (CBD) Helps Conditions….

According to an April, 2019 article published by Harvard Heath, cannabidiol (CBD) helps to manage conditions such as pain, anxiety and insomnia, common factors related to veteran health concerns. The report further goes on to dispose of many detractor’s arguments, showing emphatically that CBD presents no evidence of negative impacts to public health related problems often associated with PTSD and other veteran-associated conditions. CBD performs the functions of several previously-prescribed narcotics with absolutely none of the side-effects.

Going Beyond the Basics


In a May, 2019 article published in the New York Times Magazine, author Moises Velasquez-Manoff delves even further into the phenomenon of CBD therapies by focusing on industry claims, both from its producers and pharmaceutical companies looking to discredit the benefits of the cannabidiol. Research into CBD has illuminated that a single molecule found within the cannabis plant acts as a central beneficial in conditions ranging from fatigue, menstrual cramps, brain injuries and most significantly for veterans, PTSD diagnosis.

By targeting receptors in the brain, the CBD tinctures assist the body in providing endorphins and related gland productions to manage and return to a natural state, eliminating damage. These actions repair stressed muscular trauma and nerve connection damage, all of which are part and parcel with traditional veteran-related injuries. With no narcotic effects, the cannabidiols present as the solution to an age-old medical conundrum. Where once the narcotic cure might well provide unwanted side-effects that would also need to be treated, CBD does not inflict additional damage in its work to heal the body.

The Future of Veteran-Preferred CBD Treatment

With a noticeable lack of narcotic elements, most specifically THC and related compounds, CBD may be seen as a truly homeopathic and natural solution.  Though regulators have attempted to control the distribution and credibility of CBD, its base components are being recognized as safe and without need of regulatory actions designed to manage production and sales for pharmaceutical profits.

Allowing CBD to remain on the open market and within the public eye, veterans are able to access some of the most helpful and beneficial self-healing components available. As more research is completed, more health solutions are being discovered, as well as the availability of CBD as an over-the-counter product.

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