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Why is My CBD Oil Clear in Color?

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When you plan to use all therapeutic solutions then you have to assure that you always get the best quality products. While buying CBD people pay extra attention to the color of the oil because it helps determine the quality of product they are buying. That is why a common question people often ask is, why is my CBD oil clear in color.


Should CBD Oil Be Clear?

Customers want to know whether clear CBD will have the same beneficial effects or not. Here we have a few reasons why your CBD oil is clear in color.


Mixed with carrier oil

When the CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants it has a light brown, golden or green color. However, CBD cannot be consumed in pure form. That is why it is mixed with carrier oil. When you buy zero THC CBD oil it consists of the below mentioned two things.

  • 97% carrier oil
  • 3% CBD oil

The carrier oil like coconut will dilute the color of CBD oil and that is why you will feel like it is clear in nature.  This will guide you a bit about the question, why is my CBD oil clear in color?


Extraction method 

There are two extraction methods used which are given below.

  • CO2 extraction
  • Ethanol extraction.

Ethanol extraction will extract chlorophyll due to which oil is commonly dark green in color. However, CO2 extraction will not extract chlorophyll due to which oil might have white impurities that will be removed by adding carrier oil and results will be clear CBD oil.

It means CBD oil with clear consistency has the same results as a colored CBD oil. You should not worry about the quality.


Final thoughts:

We hope that we have answered your question, why is my CBD oil clear in color. While buying CBD make sure that you are aware of your requirements and dosage. Buy the products you are most comfortable with.

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