Why Patriot Supreme CBD is Good for Your Overall Health

According to studies, CBD oil has the potential to ease symptoms for various health issues, such as neurological disorders and anxiety. It could also be beneficial to heart health and help manage many kinds of pain. That’s why Patriot Supreme CBD is good for your overall health. But, let’s take a more in depth look into some specifics.

CBD has become quite popular as it has no psychoactive effects and is completely natural. It has gained momentum within the wellness and health industry as scientific findings show it may help issues such as anxiety and chronic pain.

Patriot Supreme CBD for Efficient Mental Health and Brain Health

CBD will not cause any intellectual impairment, but rather it has been shown to support brain health in many positive and interesting ways.

Effects of CBD on the Brain

CBD combines very lightly with CB1 receptors and is able to block the capability of THC to cause any kind of elated effects by preventing the anandamide. However, CBD connects well with CB2 receptors to generate beneficial functional and brain effects.

Reduction of Blood Flow

There was a published study that took a look at CBD for treating SAD, or Social Anxiety Disorder. Those that participated, said they felt better after taking CBD to help manage their anxiety. After researchers looked at their brain scans. They noticed that there were visible changes to blood flow in parts of the brain that are typically connected to anxiety.

Possible Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Although the research for treating or preventing Alzheimer’s with CBD is still in the process, there is promise that it may be beneficial to help degenerative brain disorder. Many hypothesize that oxidative stress has an effect on the brain and may have a role in the expansion of not just Alzheimer’s but in atherosclerosis and Parkinson disease.

Your body’s CB2 receptors work naturally to handle oxidative damage. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published a study and discovered that CBD when used long term provided remarkable antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties.

Also stating positive research for using CBD was the Dementia Care Central. There is not any doubt that inflammation has an adverse impact on Alzheimer’s as the brain’s cell fail and leads to blockages. The inflammation seems to be reduced when using CBD. When inflammation is reduced, the brain’s cells are able to obtain oxygen. So, CBD might have the capability to not only stop but possibly reverse Alzheimer’s to some degree.

 Encourages Healthy Brain Cells

As we age, we expect a certain level of cognitive failure. But, we can do things to keep our brain function and over all mental health from failing completely. CBD may help to preserve your over all mental health.

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CBD for Depression

For many people, neurotransmitters have a key role for depression. Research has shown that CBD can increase the levels of serotonin and glutamate which helps the brain control its mood and function. They also have a role in memory and learning. Creating a state of balance among all the body systems seems to help relieve depression and may even boost brain function.

Using anti-depressants that are prescribed do have negative side effects such as insomnia, sexual dysfunction, mood swings and agitation, just to name a few, and can take many weeks before you have results. In 2019, a study showed that CBD provided elevating mood results rather quickly when compared to other prescribed medications. The results were fast and also lasted a lot longer.

CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety is another disorder that many people suffer from. It has a negative impact on their daily lives. Often times, they cannot take part in activities that they once enjoyed. Many studies around the world are looking to CBD benefits for anxiety. Research article found that taking CBD reduced social anxiety for those that participated.

Like depression, anxiety has been linked to lower levels of serotonin, therefore, CBD’s effect on the CB2 receptors has a positive impact on brain function as the CB2 receptors control serotonin.

Does using CBD everyday really make a difference? 

In a word, yes! Especially so if you are taking it for something you experience every day, like anxiety, sleeplessness and chronic pain. CBD will calm the nervous system, it is much easier to prevent these symptoms from happening in the first place, rather than trying to manage a severe outbreak.

CBD’s benefits are already well documented, with more ongoing studies. Studies for cancer cell prevention to managing mental disorders, CBD has proven its benefits. So, go ahead and give yourself a daily dose of Patriot Supreme CBD!

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