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Will CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

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Will CBD make you fail a drug test? This question deserves nothing more than an honest answer given the possible consequences.

To be completely honest, if you are not willing to accept some possibility of a positive drug test, then you shouldn’t use any CBD oil product.

With that being said, let’s clarify that and say in most instances the risk is very low. More people pass a drug test than not, even after using CBD oil for a extended period of time. But don’t we accept some risk with many other things we do daily, such as driving our car?

Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test FAQs

Why would you fail a drug test using CBD oil?

Drug tests are usually looking for the existence of THC which is the ingredient found in marijuana causing psychoactive effects along with other controlled substances. Local stores and online CBD oil products are required by law to contain less than 0.3% THC. So such small traces of THC are unlikely to be detected with a drug test.

How could I test positive with a CBD oil product with 0% THC?

Even though the product contains 0% THC there can be trace amounts remaining. This simply means the levels of THC were following the guidelines and were below the third-party lab and manufacturer’s internal detection limit.

Does everyone taking the same product test the same?

This is not always the case. Everyone is different and will metabolize CBD differently, along with other factors such as duration of use, dosage and the type of drug test given.

Are there brands that guarantee I won’t test positive?

No trustworthy CBD company will make that guarantee. If they do, ask for that guarantee in a legal binding document making them liable for any damages if you do fail. You will definitely be met with silence with that request for a reason.

What happens if I test positive on an employer drug test?

It is not uncommon for positive drugs test to be misinterpreted. Things such as poppy seed pastries can cause a positive drug test, especially in those that gave never used opiates before. Such is the case for CBD oil; it can cause a positive for THC for someone that has never used marijuana before.

If this happens, you can ask for a retest. You can also explain that you are a CBD oil user and that is why you tested positive. If your healthcare provider is aware of your CBD oil use, you can ask for a doctor’s note to validate that fact.

Bringing up the fact you are a CBD oil user prior to the drug test may help the interpretation of a positive result.

Summary of Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Not all CBD oil users will fail a drug test. However, it does and can happen even with products containing 0% THC. If you take a CBD oil product, be aware of the risks involved and make the right decision for you.

Remember, your risk level depends on numerous factors such as body chemistry, duration, dosage, drug test type and the type of product.

If you are concerned about a positive drug test but are willing to assume some risk, CBD isolate and broad-spectrum products are the better choices as they do not contain detectable levels of THC and carry a much lower risk.

CBD Drug Test…




“I am a little nervous about it. George Martinez from Apache Junction previously Texas”.


I took different medications for pain, fibromyalgia, different things of that nature and the side effects were horrible. It was worse than the pain. The doctor hinted at smoking marijuana and I said Well, I can’t because I work for the railroad. And they test you every so often. After a couple of months, I talked to my cousin who’s actually a doctor in San Antonio and he said, Why don’t you do that, why don’t you smoke weed? And I said, I can’t, can’t do that and I don’t like it.



I ended up doing a little bit of research and found some unfortunately, it didn’t work. And until Ernesto recommended a product and I mentioned to him that I worked for the railroad so it couldn’t show up in a test. And that’s when he said it was triple tested, he told me about the guarantee.



Hey guys, George Martinez. I’m here today because I found this really cool product that actually works. Now before I get too excited, I want to check it out it in an actual test from LabCorp, it’s supposed to be the CBD oil.  You can see it here, there it is. It is patriots supreme pure CBD 0.0% THC and its 1000 milligrams.

Now it actually does work, it took about three days for me to feel it. I’ve taken CBD before but it didn’t work. This actually works, but once again before I get too excited, I’m going to come in and I’m actually doing this myself, I’m going to get drug tested, LabCorp, you can see there and see what happens. I can’t afford to have a dirty UA, I work for a big corporation. And we do get randomly drug tested. And hey, I ate a bagel with a poppy seed, is not going to work.

So, here we go, to see what happens and we’ll get the results here and I will do another video…

I actually have good news and I have good news. The first good news is, this is week two, and it actually gets better, so my sleeping is better, I wake up refreshed. I used to wake up at night with my bones hurting you know what I mean, that I live in pain, sometimes I’d wake up, and I’d have to go take pain reliever or Advil etc. and go back to sleep. My overall physical health, I just feel fantastic been hitting the gym and hiking, I feel great.

Now the other good news is while I was there actually got the test results from the lady. She was really nice, I told her my story and she tested for me she said it was negative, however it’s not 100%, so she said wait a couple of days for the results and I did and even after that I waited a few more days till I talked to somebody from the people that actually do the testing.

And they explained how the test runs and how it works, etc. briefly to me, and they actually tested twice so it’s fantastic that they do that, I feel at ease knowing that. So as you can see here, negative, negative, negative, nothing in there, just makes you feel good about taking the product, not only does it work, but it does what it says which is 0.0 THC. Please enjoy it, try it, it’s fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about it, it really works. You have a good day, bye…

will cbd make you fail a drug test

Will CBD Make you Fail a Drug Test Testimonial Continues…



Everything, it actually works, I took it for a reason and it works, it takes about 2 to 3 days to start feeling it, for me anyway and it tastes great.



Well, not just get out of bed it’s just not the constant flashes of pain that happen and it’s hard to explain sometimes when I’m sitting there watching a movie with my kids, they think, well they used to think it was funny. When all of a sudden, I would be like ah, and they looked at me like what’s wrong with you? But it goes away and it comes back just different variations of pain, and now I don’t have that.

Will CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

CBD is a modern-day miraculous ingredient with tons of therapeutic benefits and has shown promising results for many medical conditions. With its ever-increasing popularity, some concerns are also on the rise. One of them is, “Will CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test”?

The simple answer would be yes if the CBD you are consuming is pure, as CBD is a non-psychoactive drug.

The plant cannabis Sativa is the source of hundreds of chemical compounds, including CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The drug tests that are taken worldwide target the presence of that THC and its metabolites, as THC is a psychoactive ingredient that produces the notorious” high” feeling. However, some CBD products we consume may contain slight traces of THC, which will appear on your drug test.

The question here is what we should do to have a negative drug test while still enjoying the benefits of CBD.  It’s time to understand CBD a little better.

Understanding The Types Of CBD

The cannabis plant can be broken into two components marijuana and hemp plant. Marijuana contains THC, which causes a high effect, but the hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC making it safe and legal. CBD is extracted from hemp along with other components.

The methods of extracting CBD determine its type and purity:

CBD Isolate

This is the purest CBD form and does not contain any traces of other compounds or cannabinoids. It comes in powder form, which is orally taken and used in oils and tinctures as well.

Full Spectrum Oil

In full-spectrum CBD, other components of the plants are also present. These include CBN (cannabinoid), terpenes, flavonoids, THC, etc. It has a wide variety of uses in the form of topical creams, oils, serums, gummies, etc., which may help manage many ailments.

However, not all the producers of this oil disclose how much THC is in their product. So the monitoring of THC consumption becomes quite tricky here.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

It is much like full-spectrum CBD but with the complete removal of THC from it. Other components of the cannabis plant are present in it, such as terpenes, flavonoids, CBN, etc.

Chances Of Getting a Positive Drug Test

You are consuming a CBD product but still got positive on your drug test. What went wrong? Here are some of the reasons you tested positive:

Misleading Information

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not regulate CBD products, so the companies have a free hand to produce, publish CBD content, and sell the products. 70% of the CBD products sold are mislabeled as CBD isolate when in reality, they all contain THC as well. Often, THC in the product is much higher than the legally permitted percentage of 0.3.

Contaminated by THC

If your product is kept with other THC products at your home or in-store, it can become contaminated by THC. During the manufacturing process, products can also become contaminated with THC leading to a positive drug test result.

Long Exposure to THC

You did not consume THC yourself, but you were present in the area for hours where the pot was being smoked. This inhalation of marijuana can lead to positive drug test results.

So, Will CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

The answer goes both ways. For not testing positive, you need to research and buy your product from authentic sellers and ensure that your product is thoroughly cleaned of THC.

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