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Do You Need a Medical Card for CBD?

When medical marijuana was first legalized on a state level west of the Rocky Mountains, federal agencies were quick to step in with regulatory restrictions and oversight concerning the legal purchase and sale of medicinal products. Residents in Colorado and Later in California were expected to acquire a medical marijuana card in order to legally purchase over-the-counter products containing THC, the active ingredient in all of the medical products they were interested in purchasing.

The issue soon became apparent that with little information on hand concerning medical marijuana, and the lack of trial and experience with the substance, the American Medical Association did not have clear standards on the symptoms and maladies that medical marijuana could successfully treat. This led to the gates opening and just about anyone could get a medical card. But now, with CDB, the foundational rules of medical marijuana do not apply.

You Need a Medical Card for CBD

These establishing rules concerning marijuana and especially the THC contained within helped to standardize the laws in place. CBD oils and products simply do not contain psycho-active ingredients and therefore fell outside of the regulations set forth under the federal control of medical marijuana products. Simply, they are completely different products.

CBD oil is regulated on a state level, and though many states do have a minimum age for purchase, such as 18 and with tobacco products, this isn’t always the case. CBD is a legal product, available for sale over the counter and is not recognized as a controlled substance. Therefore, buyers have no need for a medical card no matter where they might be buying CBD products.

Looking Toward the Future

You Need a Medical Card for CBD

Even now, with the widespread legalization of marijuana as a recreational product, the regulations are diminishing with expectation that control of the substance will basically fall under the Pure Food Act and of course under scrutiny of the FDA, ATF and IRS. It will become a significant element in taxation income for states and the federal government, meaning that laws will shift to make marijuana products as easy to access as non-THC containing products like CBD. As sales continue, regulations will focus on the profit side of things, rather than the medical implications.

If you are curious about CBD and its potential health benefits, feel free to stop by your local retailer. They have the experience and the information available to provide you with the answers you require.


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